Breathing Solutions

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Breathing Solutions

If the simple act of breathing feels like sucking air through a straw, you need a better solution than constantly using nasal spray. At Michigan Avenue ENT, esteemed double board-certified ENT specialist Julian Dixon, MD, understands how breathing problems can narrow not only your nostrils but your whole life. He offers innovative, leading-edge breathing solutions conveniently in their The Loop, Chicago, Illinois, office. Procedures take as little as 45 minutes to give you long-term relief. Call the office or request your consultation with Dr. Dixon online now.

What causes nasal breathing problems?

Breathing problems can be acute or chronic. But, when you have trouble breathing through your nose, any length of time can feel like forever. There are many causes of nasal breathing problems, with some of the most common including: 

Anatomical nasal obstruction

An anatomical nasal obstruction is a problem with nasal anatomy. One common example is a deviated septum, which happens when the cartilage in the center of your nose isn’t properly centered.

Other examples are enlarged turbinates (the bony “shelves” in your nasal cavity), collapsed nasal valves, and nasal polyps (noncancerous growths in the nasal cavity). These issues can make it hard to breathe well.

Chronic sinus infections

Chronic sinus infections are ongoing inflammation and swelling inside your nose, which often causes disrupted breathing.

While some sinus infections are short-term, for example, when you have a severe cold, others are persistent and last for months. 

Additional problems, such as trauma to the face, can also lead to nasal breathing problems. 

What are nasal breathing solutions?

Nasal breathing solutions refer to treatments tailored to the cause of your breathing problems. 

If you’re having trouble breathing through your nose consistently over a long period, you need nasal breathing solutions to reclaim your life and remember what it feels like to truly breathe freely.

What nasal breathing solutions are available?

Michigan Avenue ENT offers the complete spectrum of breathing solutions, including noninvasive options like antihistamines and nasal corticosteroids. 

But, chronic nasal breathing issues require a long-term solution. That’s where minimally invasive outpatient procedures come in. 

Dr. Dixon expertly performs procedures such as:

Balloon sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty opens up blocked nasal passages using a tiny balloon, with no incisions required. This leads to clearer breathing in the long term.

Turbinate reduction

Turbinate reduction is a procedure to reduce or remove extra tissue around your turbinates and clear your breathing pathways. It may involve surgical tissue removal or, in some cases, radiofrequency or laser energy to shrink the swollen areas in your nose. 

Dr. Dixon also specializes in other minimally invasive techniques to restore healthy nasal breathing. Procedures take as little as 45 minutes at Michigan Avenue ENT and require just local anesthesia.

If you’re sick and tired of relying on nasal spray to get through the day, consider an outpatient breathing solution at Michigan Avenue ENT for long-term relief. Book an appointment online or call the office.